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Deniz Demirer is a Polish-born filmmaker, currently based in Brooklyn, New York. His work is characterized by a use of verisimilitude that provokes immediate and visceral relationships between audience and story. His unusual blend of intimacy with hardscrabble urban existence frequently explores such subjects as exile and self-destruction, with an eye toward revealing the fragility of the human condition. Demirer’s work as a writer and director includes five completed feature films, Nocturnal Jake (2009), Not I (2010), American Mongrel (2014), Ezer Kenegdo (2016) and Chinaroom (2016), and he currently has two new features in development. He has also written and directed over a dozen short films, including Simon’s Agony (2021), and his forthcoming shortAbove the Sunset (2022). In addition to writing and directing, Deniz has worked both as an actor, and a cinematographer. He recently completed cinematography for Francis Maxwell’s Post No Bills (2021/22) and garnered high praise and critical acclaim from legendary cinematographer Roger Deakins for the extraordinary cinematography on the award-winning short film Forest Born (2016). 
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Kimberly Kalaja is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter, author, & Fulbright. She was educated at Scripps College, The Queen's University of Belfast, and Princeton University. She has taught film and literature at leading universities including Princeton, NYU, The University of Tirana (Albania),and she has worked with incarcerated students across the country for over 15 years. Her screenplay, The Lesson has been accepted into 15 film festivals and has been honored with 3 “Best Short Screenplay” awards.